Michael McKeegan is the most energetic bassist of the world.

He was born on March 23th, 1971 in Larne, N. Ireland. He still lives in N. Ireland.

   His favorite bands were: Voivod, Black Sabbath, Toyland, Jesus Lizzard, Metallica,    Carcass, ...

First he played in a death-metal band called 'Evil Priest' who sounded like 'Carcass'. Since his 17/18th he plays with 'Therapy?'.

    McKeegan has more than risen to the challenge, being perhaps one of the most     energetic, watchable bassists ever. On stage, some demon takes over what is     otherwise a sweet, gentile, soft-spoken lad and he undergoes a metamorphosis into a     river-spitting, high-jumping, bird-flipping uninhibited extrovert.

Michael enjoys partying and pissing about, and will give anyone the time of day if they only ask.