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31/07/00  Message from G
Ive seen a lot of crap on the I-net. This site makes up for every single one of 'em. I got two wishes though. I want Therapy? to play at my funeral. And I want Mark to do my memorialpage on the net. Could it be arranged?
10/06/00  Message from Anime
GREAT SITE! i'm one of T? italian fans... this site is reaaly cool... you''l hear from me soon... bye!
31/05/00  Message from Carlo
wow, this site.... this is really great work
07/05/00  Message from John Stevenson
I really want the Meat Abstract, Bad Mother and the Stories Re-Issue singles. Name your price!
28/02/00  Message from Chris
Hope somebody see's this, but I will be interviewing Therapy? on feb. 29 at 1pm PST, If you have any questions for the band, email them to me...
12/02/00  Message from Shari Black Velvet
Wow - cool site! I want one like this! LOL. Anyway... Black Velvet 23 includes a great Therapy? interview, live reviews & exclusive pix... visit the Black Velvet site for info on how to obtain a copy - go to or email me privately.
07/02/00  Message from Ryan
Anyone want to buy a copy "Have A Merry Fucking Xmas" 7" single. Includes covers of With or Without You and Teenage Kicks. £4.50. Perfect Condition
13/01/00  Message from Davy Baetens
28/12/99  Message from Grégory Dupriez
I would to thank you for this beutiful site.
I am a fan of the band and I just discover your page about them.
The presentation is great but I don't see any informations about the last album.
An update is near or have you no intention to continue this adventure.
If there is anyone out there with a good knowledge of HTML, who has some time left to help me updating this site, please let me know! This way we can KEEP this site the best Therapy? site!
14/12/99  Message from Ali
comments: saw them playing the other night at cardiff uni, they rocked bells, and the new album is great too.
12/12/99  Message from Martin
This site is better than most Therapy? pages (most of them are shite).
It needs updating, though.
P.S. The picture in the Martin McCarrick biography is actually Fyfe Ewing, you fool!
Can anyone find me a Martin McCarrick picture?
07/12/99  Message from Tommi
Where the fuck is the new album? It´s fuckin´ great and these pages should be updated even once in year!!!!
28/11/99  Message from Alan
Anyone know where the hell I can get 'Diane' on 7''?
23/11/99  Message from Shade
ohh btw : new cd's out here.(Suicide pact -- you first is the title)
23/11/99  Message from Shade
hey can anybody hook me up with the Diane midi file? if not, I'll make one myself.. but any help would be greatly appreciated.
09/10/99  Message from Big Balls, Edinburgh.
See all ye olde Theraplegics in Glasgow on the 15th. And to you Andy "Rock On Buddy"!
20/09/99  Message from Doug
I am from Washington, D.C. in the United States. I was wondering why it is getting harder and harder to find Therapy? releases over here? I was also wondering if T? was comming back to the states to tour any time soon?
07/09/99  Message from Chuckie
great sit man, just gotta say you left something off of your discography. its called "Hats off to the Insane." Its got "Screamager" plus like five other songs that aren't on TROUBLEGUM. it has special meaning to me cause its the first T? cd i ever got.
31/08/99  Message from Andy! Pinkard
gawd!!! i never would of thought there would still be this many therapy? fans after all the time since'Infernal...' webguy keep up work like this and you will be a fuking webgawd!
9/08/99  Message from throatbung
Great job on the site.
18/06/99  Message from Theo Houtman
Hey there! For all the webmasters that own a Therapy? site, go join The Therapy? Webring.
Its a great way to link all Therapy? site's. Go to the following url:
Join it!!
18/06/99  Message from John
i have a therapy acetate of accelerator (2:07)
it is a 10" disc with a 7" recording
handwritten lbls from the hit factory london
has written on it
"one of 4 tracks from the short sharp shock ep due for rel on the 8th march this is a brand new recording of the lp version"
i have a pic if you want to see it
if you are interested it is open to very good offers (will trade for pistols or cure)

let me know all the best
17/06/99  Message from Anton Gramsci
Do T? have a new record deal yet, or is there something in the pipeline? I don't think they will be able to tour much without financial backing....
11/06/99  Message from Linda
Therapy?... My number one band. I just found this site and I know that I will come back very often. I also would like Therapy to come back to Sweden and Stockholm...soon!!!
10/06/99  Message from Wouter
Does anybody know what's the problem with T?: no fanclub anymore, I don't get onto their site ( I hope they didn't close it down...forever..), only 2 giggs this year ( 'till now, but I nowere read something about new ones).....get aLIVE t?
21/05/99  Message from E.P.Y
This is THE best web-page we have ever seen!
and the band is extremely cool 2!
ps. where we can get therapy mp3´s?
16/05/99  Message from Erdem
T? is the greatest band in the universe...
Pınar'a:"Born.."bootleg değil,93'te çıkmış bir EP.(5 stüdyo ve 3 live kayıt var...)
16/05/99  Message from Erdem
"Born in a crash" bootleg deðil,5 stüdyo ve 3 live þarký olan bir EP.
14/05/99  Message from Cas
I am looking for the 2CD release of Diane. E-mail me if your interested in parting with your copy.
13/05/99  Message from Pýnar
awesome page. but can somebody tell me if "born in a crash" is a bootleg or not? if not what the hell is that?
26/02/99  Message from Ronald Klootwijk
I was held up by the cops last night for driving without lights,he asked me for an ID.I said Ithink I've gone insane,I can't remember my own name .I had to pay 100 guilders!! All you T? fans out there can mail me!!
05/02/99  Message from opalmantra
fuckin' a, more therapy? fans !!!!!
cool site man thanks for the lyrics
check out my therapy? tribute band of the same name as above in dublin soon but we need a drummer
04/02/99  Message from Domovoi
Great, great, great site. Much better than the official one, which has been under construction for months. Are there any tour dates for 99 yet? I kindof got the taste of it at Lowlands '98, and now I want more! Will they be in the NL again soon?
27/01/99  Message from Born too soon
great site!
still looking for pictures T/W 95,and Vooruit,i still have a lot from T/W 95,96,98, vooruit,lowlands, and Pinkpop.
16/01/99  Message from tsi
PS: according to some people the clip off 'church of noise' is added at the single...I don't know this for sure...
maybe i put another message down, when i know for sure. OK?
16/01/99  Message from tsi
i' ve seen T? two times live:in the Vooruit & in the Botanique and they were two times facking god on earth!!!
(they are the BEST LIVEBAND EVER)
6/01/99  Message from Lieten
Aan Crashborn en Tinake, I was there too in the Vooruit. Yes indeed, a great concert.
E-mail me if u want. By the way, can anybody tell me more about the videoclip for CHURCH OF NOISE.
P.S. Great site, Mark !
26/12/98  Message from Mr.C
Did therapy, ever use an elephant in one of their vid's
23/12/98  Message from Evil Krow
To Speck: doubt it
The regular albums will be probably be out of print here if not already :(
get the Japanese import of the new album it comes with extra tracks
4/12/98  Message from Stijn
Really a fantastic site, and so complete.
I think you should take over the official Therapy Web-site.
25/11/98  Message from Ryan Speck
I was wondering if anyone knew if the new Therapy? album is going to be released in the US.
We don't seem to be getting much Therapy? stateside anymore.
22/11/98  Message from Crashborn
Therapy? in the Vooruit was great, please Tinake, email me at Ik was daar ook...
17/11/98  Message from Tinake
15 november - vooruit gent- i was there- hope you were too otherwise : you missed a damn good concert!!!!
4/11/98  Message from Eric Kracker
To American fans:
I have five import Therapy singles (circa Troublegum/Infernal Gum)for sale mostly in mint condition make me an offer cheaper if you buy all of them Email: for more details
4/11/98  Message from Brendon
Glad to see the site is coming along.
Anyone want to buy some rare T? CD's, promos and bootlegs? Contact me!
The Brainsaw X Therapy? Page
21/10/98  Message from disgraced
bugger me
this is really impressive. i thought my site looked crap and this just completely convinces me
11/10/98  Message from Dave
Holy Crap! How long did it take you to do this!!
Anyway it is quite possibily the greatest website in the history of the Internet.
Mayby not, but it's still damn cool.
P.S. Therapy? (old Therapy? not the new gay re-incarnation) rock. You probably know that anyway or you wouln't have devoted a large proportion of your life to creating this supreme website.
P.P.S. Fyfe is God
6/10/98  Message from Alex Kruczkowski
Absolutely great looking site. I think I'll have to look into this Shockwave stuff. I didn't know it could do anything this funky.
Great design, well done.
Is it wrong for me to put a link to my page here? If so, oops ;-)
6/10/98  Message from Steve
Most impressed with this site. I've only been a Therapy? fan since a mate lent me Troublegum a week ago, but you don't really want to know that.
BTW, who's this Tightrope Stalker guy? This site looks fuck all like the official Therapy? site, 'cos I visited it about two minutes before this site.
I mean, at least this one's actually fully working . . .
3/10/98  Message from Dries Aendekerk
Great site, really!
How did you (which software) created this shockwave site?
29/09/98  Message from Luke
Tightrope Stalker, I honestly don´t understand you. I mean this site is very good, and the creator has certainly put alot of work behind it.
You seem to think you´re some sort of expert, but I´m sure you know alot less than yuo think.
So why are you pissed anyway, haven´t got any lately?? or is it just that you feel some sort of need to put down others who can do things better than you, please!!!
27/09/98  Message from Brendon
Born in a Crash is NOT a bootleg! It's a European compilation which came with either a black and white cover, or colored.
It was released 5 years ago this month, and combines the Opal Mantra EP and Shortsharpshock. Besides the fact that it has an A&M logo on it, it also has an A&M style catalog number, 540185-2. The official sites' discography is VERY incomplete! Get a clue, and move it into the EP section!
27/09/98  Message from Mark
To Mr. Tightrope Stalker,
'complete copy/rip off', I'd rather say partial copy, you see, my first goal when making this site, was to complete a totaly shockwave based site, that looked somewhat better than the official site.. and afterall, you have to get your contents somewhere, I can't go make something up, like Therapy? news or something, can I ?
'On the messageboard I see the same names as on the official', what do you mean with this ?? What the hell are you suggesting ??
'Born In A Crash is a bootleg! Get with teh program, motherfucker.', why is this album not mentioned in the official Therapy discography pages ??? And please.. lets be nice to each other :-)
27/09/98  Message from Tightrope Stalker
Although I must admit that this site looks pretty cool, I don't understand why everybody is praising you for it since this site is a complete copy/rip off of the official site. On the messageboard I see the same names as on the official messageboard (this is the only time you're gonna see mine on it) and I don't want to read all these congratulations to someone who thinks Born In A Crash is a bootleg! Get with teh program, motherfucker. I mean, you copied the official site and didn't even bother to change the names of all the sections. You even have a scrapbook. Clever boy, it must've been your idea, yeah right...
17/09/98  Message from Mark
I think "Born in a crash" is a bootleg.
"Opal Mantra" is only released as a single, live, together with three other songs..
Correct me if I'm wrong..
17/09/98  Message from The Crow
You've forgotten the album called "born in a crash".
Never heard of the song "Opel Mantra" ?
08/09/98  Message from Hugo
Hi again.
Nice site indeed.
You just need to update the photos.
The new formation has a load of excellent pics with lots of energy.
And on Martin's bio there's a Fyfe pic...
Anyway, it's cool.
08/09/98  Message from Hugo Santos
Hi T? fans!!
Looks like we have one more site for our favorite band! Cool. Keep up the good work, especially on the discography section.
Cool "Shock" system.
Cheers + mail me if you need anything
Crazy T? fans are welcome to mail me too. ;-)
06/09/98  Message from Innocent X
This site is really fan-fuckin'-tastic !!!
I'm very happy to see a message board over here !!! The people who make the official site should see this, this site is much better !!!
I heard the new single would be 'Straight Life'. Does anybody know something about the release date ?

Cya and stay happy !!!
03/09/98  Message from Tara
You have a great site here.....very well done; great job!
Therapy? rules!
29/08/98  Message from Brendon
Brilliant site! I'm always glad to see a new T? website, since the Triplenut went offline and the Israel has stopped updating.
The Brainsaw X Therapy? Page
28/08/98  Message from Mick
...ace site.
22/08/98  Message from Anna Koll
have to congratulate... that´s nice ...i really love the scrapbook - it´s great work..
go on like that... knuddelschmatz
22/08/98  Message from Simon Belial
Cool web sight, Therapy? Rulez.
19/08/98  Message from David Switzer
Quite a nice site indeed!
This will show the people who run the "official" site a run for their money!
21/07/98  Message from Paul D'Hoore
well...that's propably the best site in it's kind I've ever seen... really astonishing!
Mark, u really should contact therapy? themselves 2 show your piece of work and turn it in 'The Official Therapy? Site'.
grrrrreat work. greetz.
17/07/98  Message from Champagne Wim
I don't know what to say, it's just incredible.
Keep up the good work Mark !!!!!
15/07/98  Message from tracey
Hey .... Carol was right (from Flashpad...)
Nice site ...
I especially like the way you have done your headings ...(jealous jealous jealous...)
14/07/98  Message from Filip Aerts
I haven't any words for this, this site is really cool!!!
09/07/98  Message from Mark Wouters
In the Message Board section you can send me all your remarks and view all messages posted by other Therapy? fans.
All messages will be published within 24 hours. Enjoy your visit !!

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