Andrew James Cairns is the singer and guitarist of the group.
He was born on September 22th, 1965 in Antrim, N. Ireland. Now he lives in Dublin.

   His favorite songs when he was young: Blockbuster (The Sweet), Ever    Fallen In Love (The Buzzcocks), Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only    Ones), Unknown Pleasures (Joy Division)

As teenager he always wore a black motorjack. (He would be like Joe Strummer, The Clash, James Dean, Marlon Brandon.

    He started to play in a schoolband (trombone). When he was 13 he     received a bass. He played songs of 'Siouxsie and the Banshees' and 'The     Stranglers'. His first 'self-made' song was 'Discovering the android midget     jam factory' when he was 14 years old. He has played in a band called     'Catweazle'.

Later he started playing the guitar. Six months later he found a drummer, Fyfe. Later came Michael, Fyfe's classmate, and they formed a band called 'THERAPY?'.